Buying the AR-15 Gun


My Favorite Restaurant

I love food, mostly all food, however i do have a restauarant where i go the most.. My  all time favorite restaurant is  the one with that gigantic, bright yellow “M” sign. It is a fast food restaurant that is widely known

Is “Zero Tolerance” Really Beneficial

It is fine to set rules so that students do not get out of line. However, there are some rules that go too far. The school’s response to the girl doodling was too extreme. She was not committing a violent crime therefore there was no reason for her to be hand cuffed by the police. If I was the principal of a middle school, I would have given her something less drastic. Like for example, I would have given her a detention and I would have made her clean all the desks from that classroom. This would have showed the rest of the students that there are consequences too face if they misbehave. However, the consequences will be depending on what they did. This way, the “Zero Tolerance” policy would be logical and beneficial.

When an NFL Player Comes Out to the Team

NFL coaches have to deal with the testosterone of all their player. If one was to come out and admit he was gay, it would be a shocker. If I was the coach of that team, I would be supportive and stricter. First of all, I will not discriminate that player because of his sexual orientation. I would still treat him the same because what he likes does not affect his playing skills. With that said, to show my support, I would hold a team meeting where I will let the players know my expectations from them and that I do not want anything to disrupt their teamwork on the field. Second of all, I would not tolerate any bullying or hateful things being said to that player. I will not tolerate disrespect between the players in my team. I will expect a lot from them because they are professional football players and therefore have to be a role model for the fans and children who watch them. If another player was to disrespect that payer, he will have to face consequences depending on the level disrespect. In the team, I want everyone to feel accepted so that they can play well out on the field. In order for that t be possible, I will be supportive of the player to show the other players that I want them to support him too and I will enforce rules to make sure that happens.

Interaction Between Teacher and Students on Social Networking Sites

Social media is highly popular right now. Especially among teens and their peers. Many could say that social media does more harm than good but it all depends on the way it’s being used, with that in mind, it’s ok for teachers to become “friends” or “followers” with their students on social networking sites. This can allow for easier way to communicate with the students, it is easily accessible, and more people are conscious of their actions. It’s easier to communicate when the teacher can just make a post and all the class is notified than rather emailing each person individually. The students can then easily comment their thought and everyone is involved. Secondly, everyone has a technology device. With it, they can easily download any app such as Facebook and become involved with the class discussions happening online. Everyone will be able to have access to the apps and it will reduce any hassle. Lastly, most teachers are conscious of what is expected to them. They know how they are supposed to interact with their students, therefore, if they place boundaries, there would be no problem with them communication. It all comes down to if the student and the teachers are using the network sites for the benefit of the student’s education and nothing else.Social Media Logotype Background

E-textbooks Over Printed Textbooks

Nowadays, everything used relies on technology some way or the other. Books should be that way too. Colleges should switch to using E-textbooks because they are more portable, less expensive, and ecofriendly. In high school, almost all students have an electronic device whether it’s a cellphone, a tablet or a laptop and all students have access to on campus computers. Therefore, all students would need to do is buy the book and whenever they need to use it, it’ll be at the tip of their fingers. There would be no hassle of carrying a large textbook around. In every chance they get, such as in waiting for the bus, they’ll be able to do some reading because they will already have the book with them. Secondly, students spend about $1,200 for textbooks in a year. With eBooks, that price decreases by about 60%. The money saved can be used by the student to pay their tuition. Lastly, eBooks do less harm to the environment than printed books. They reduce paper consumption which therefore reduces the cutting down of trees. As can be seen, eBooks are a far better choice for college students.9365641519_ab84697e21_b

My Life Goals


In life, there are so many things I want to achieve. I have many goals that I strive to reach and accomplish. Two of my major life goals are to become a pediatric surgeon win a third-world country and to adopt a child.. First of all, I want to have a career in which I impact the world in a positive way. I want to be pediatric surgeon in another country because I could save the lives of many children who would otherwise be untreated. Less families would suffer the loss of their child because of inadequate medical care. Secondly, I would like to adopt a child because it would be giving that child a chance at having a family and even if it’s only one child that is adopted, it makes the difference in how many children don’t. That child would be able to feel wanted and accepted. I would be giving one child out of many a place that they can call home. Becoming a recognized pediatric surgeon and adopting a child are two great milestones that I look forward to.



Another Mandatory High School Class?

To high school students, core classes, such as math, science, English and history, are needed in order to graduate. A mandatory world religions class should not be added to that list because it can be a waste a time for the student and it can lead to debates becoming extreme. First of all, before graduating, the majority of high school students already have their mind-set on what they want to major in. For most majors, a world religions class would not be needed. For example, in a math major, a world religions class would not affect any aspect of it. Thus, if it is mandatory, the student who will most likely not major in world religions would not benefit of having the class. Instead, it would just be time-consuming that will not be advantageous for the student’s career. Secondly, every student has their own beliefs and opinions. High school students tend to be more vocal about them. This would lead for any class debates to go into a more personal level that could therefore result in the students insulting or criticizing another student’s own beliefs. It is true that for some students, a world religions class could be useful, however, that is not a reason to make it a class that has to be taken by every single student in order for them to be allowed to graduate. religion

Yes to Tasing

Security at sporting events should be able to taze fans that run unto the field. This increases security, is more time efficient, and helps maintain the expected behavior of fans. First, the player’s security is important. For this reason, being able to taze a fan that runs unto the field can prevent any harm from being done. Secondly, games are timed. The longer it takes for security to catch the fan after chasing them, the more time is wasted. Therefore, when the taser is used, the time needed to catch the fan is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, tasing a fan who runs unto the field will help prevent these types of accidents from occurring again. The fans will be discouraged to run onto the field which will lead to orderly behavior being maintained. In order for fans to receive the most enjoyment from the game, for the players to be safe, and for there to be an order in the stands, security should be able to taze fans that run onto the field.tasing