When an NFL Player Comes Out to the Team

NFL coaches have to deal with the testosterone of all their player. If one was to come out and admit he was gay, it would be a shocker. If I was the coach of that team, I would be supportive and stricter. First of all, I will not discriminate that player because of his sexual orientation. I would still treat him the same because what he likes does not affect his playing skills. With that said, to show my support, I would hold a team meeting where I will let the players know my expectations from them and that I do not want anything to disrupt their teamwork on the field. Second of all, I would not tolerate any bullying or hateful things being said to that player. I will not tolerate disrespect between the players in my team. I will expect a lot from them because they are professional football players and therefore have to be a role model for the fans and children who watch them. If another player was to disrespect that payer, he will have to face consequences depending on the level disrespect. In the team, I want everyone to feel accepted so that they can play well out on the field. In order for that t be possible, I will be supportive of the player to show the other players that I want them to support him too and I will enforce rules to make sure that happens.


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