My Life Goals


In life, there are so many things I want to achieve. I have many goals that I strive to reach and accomplish. Two of my major life goals are to become a pediatric surgeon win a third-world country and to adopt a child.. First of all, I want to have a career in which I impact the world in a positive way. I want to be pediatric surgeon in another country because I could save the lives of many children who would otherwise be untreated. Less families would suffer the loss of their child because of inadequate medical care. Secondly, I would like to adopt a child because it would be giving that child a chance at having a family and even if it’s only one child that is adopted, it makes the difference in how many children don’t. That child would be able to feel wanted and accepted. I would be giving one child out of many a place that they can call home. Becoming a recognized pediatric surgeon and adopting a child are two great milestones that I look forward to.




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