Interaction Between Teacher and Students on Social Networking Sites

Social media is highly popular right now. Especially among teens and their peers. Many could say that social media does more harm than good but it all depends on the way it’s being used, with that in mind, it’s ok for teachers to become “friends” or “followers” with their students on social networking sites. This can allow for easier way to communicate with the students, it is easily accessible, and more people are conscious of their actions. It’s easier to communicate when the teacher can just make a post and all the class is notified than rather emailing each person individually. The students can then easily comment their thought and everyone is involved. Secondly, everyone has a technology device. With it, they can easily download any app such as Facebook and become involved with the class discussions happening online. Everyone will be able to have access to the apps and it will reduce any hassle. Lastly, most teachers are conscious of what is expected to them. They know how they are supposed to interact with their students, therefore, if they place boundaries, there would be no problem with them communication. It all comes down to if the student and the teachers are using the network sites for the benefit of the student’s education and nothing else.Social Media Logotype Background


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