E-textbooks Over Printed Textbooks

Nowadays, everything used relies on technology some way or the other. Books should be that way too. Colleges should switch to using E-textbooks because they are more portable, less expensive, and ecofriendly. In high school, almost all students have an electronic device whether it’s a cellphone, a tablet or a laptop and all students have access to on campus computers. Therefore, all students would need to do is buy the book and whenever they need to use it, it’ll be at the tip of their fingers. There would be no hassle of carrying a large textbook around. In every chance they get, such as in waiting for the bus, they’ll be able to do some reading because they will already have the book with them. Secondly, students spend about $1,200 for textbooks in a year. With eBooks, that price decreases by about 60%. The money saved can be used by the student to pay their tuition. Lastly, eBooks do less harm to the environment than printed books. They reduce paper consumption which therefore reduces the cutting down of trees. As can be seen, eBooks are a far better choice for college students.9365641519_ab84697e21_b


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