Another Mandatory High School Class?

To high school students, core classes, such as math, science, English and history, are needed in order to graduate. A mandatory world religions class should not be added to that list because it can be a waste a time for the student and it can lead to debates becoming extreme. First of all, before graduating, the majority of high school students already have their mind-set on what they want to major in. For most majors, a world religions class would not be needed. For example, in a math major, a world religions class would not affect any aspect of it. Thus, if it is mandatory, the student who will most likely not major in world religions would not benefit of having the class. Instead, it would just be time-consuming that will not be advantageous for the student’s career. Secondly, every student has their own beliefs and opinions. High school students tend to be more vocal about them. This would lead for any class debates to go into a more personal level that could therefore result in the students insulting or criticizing another student’s own beliefs. It is true that for some students, a world religions class could be useful, however, that is not a reason to make it a class that has to be taken by every single student in order for them to be allowed to graduate. religion


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