Yes to Tasing

Security at sporting events should be able to taze fans that run unto the field. This increases security, is more time efficient, and helps maintain the expected behavior of fans. First, the player’s security is important. For this reason, being able to taze a fan that runs unto the field can prevent any harm from being done. Secondly, games are timed. The longer it takes for security to catch the fan after chasing them, the more time is wasted. Therefore, when the taser is used, the time needed to catch the fan is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, tasing a fan who runs unto the field will help prevent these types of accidents from occurring again. The fans will be discouraged to run onto the field which will lead to orderly behavior being maintained. In order for fans to receive the most enjoyment from the game, for the players to be safe, and for there to be an order in the stands, security should be able to taze fans that run onto the field.tasing


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